Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Year Ago

One year ago today, Derrick and I got engaged. Let me preface this by saying that it was the start of something I could and still can't comprehend! But before we get to that, let's talk about how we met...

My freshman year of college, my roommate was very into outdoors stuff, etc, and she took a ropes course that rec sports offered. She knew I liked that kind of thing too and encouraged me to take it. Well, I signed up and if you can't attend one year, they keep you on the list for first invites for the next year. Well, it always worked that I couldn't go, until my junior year. I took the offer and was prepared for it! By this time, my roommate was already helping set it up, as a side job. So she was also working it. Well, this came to my advantage when I realized how terribly afraid I would be. She was an instructor, I guess you could say, and was helping everyone through each challenge. Heights were involved, which has never been a fear of mine, until I'm all alone, thousand of feet up, and I had to climb a tree to get there. I hated it! I enjoyed it overall, but was so scared. Well, Derrick was also an instructor. He was working the rope wall. I had no problem with this until I had to repel down. I climbed it, slipped some, but with Derrick's encouragement (even though I wanted to tell him to shut up at time), I made it. But, I refused to repel down. I said I would try, and I did, but as soon as they gave me one inch to prop my foot on and then hang in mid-air, I decided very quickly it was not for me. However, the only other way down was to jump, or climb down a teeny tiny, unsturdy pole. None of my options suited me. I think I prayed for God to just go ahead and come back. I was ready to go! Well, I had no choice but to repel. I was so worked up over this, and got a little teary. I did not trust myself to hang in mid-air. Well, I did it, and at the bottom was Derrick, waiting. He said something really sweet, but I was so upset about repelling, I can't remember now what it was. Well, after that, I was ready to be done! I knew the rest of the weekend would be challenging, but I completed all of the challenges, successfully, except one, but I didn't have the upper body strength for it, so I don't count it :) Well, I was finally onto the challenges that involved being 10 inches off the ground. Much more my cup of tea, apparently. Well, I was standing in the back of the crowd and Derrick was in the process of taking down one of the challenges. Well, I happened to look his way, and he motioned for me to come over. He wanted me to hold his ladder while he climbed up the tree to take the hooks down. Derrick won't admit it now, but it was the turning point in our relationship :)Maybe he won't admit it cause he doesn't know, but it was, ok?! I had already noticed him throughout the weekend and was telling my roommate to give me some info about him! She told me what she knew, but it wasn't enough! ANyways, Derrick became a big joke in my apartment for a little while. The roommate that was working the course loved to talk about how I thought he was cute and etc. yadda yadda yadda. Well, in the meantime I decided to ref intramurals. I had already been to a couple workshops, and Derrick had been there, since he is a ref, however I hadn't noticed. So at the next workshop, I noticed! Well, flag football was starting, and we both began to ref. Before it started, we had found eachother on facebook, and chatted a little there. We saw eachother almost everyday and he always made a point to come talk to me. I loved it! He finally asked me on a date, and after that date, we saw eachother everyday, except for holiday breaks. And one year later, got engaged. See, I told you holding his ladder was the turning point for us. Ha!

It was a Saturday morning, our one year of dating anniversary, and I was very excited. Some of my friends were getting engaged and I knew I wanted to marry Derrick and could not be much more patient, however, I also knew that this day would be bring me no new shiny ring, as he had told me he would never do it on a day I was expecting it. I would later learn, he's a liar :) jk. It was reverse-psychology. Anyways, with the help of my 3 roommates, he planted a note on my car. Somehow, I don't remember how, I retrieved it off my car. It read for me to get ready, and go to Amicalola Falls, a place we would go and watch the sunset. However, I somehow missed a small strip of paper that was also in the envelope, telling me what time to be there. Well, once I got there, I read the note again to make sure I was going to the right place, and out comes the strip of paper. Luckily, I was right on target, but about 15 minutes early. In my letter, I was also told not to contact anyone unless it was an emergency. Well, the problem with that is, once you tell me I CAN'T do something, I really want to. Immature, yes. Can I help it? No. So, of course, I texted him to make sure it was ok I was there early. He said it was ok, but not to do it again. ha! I didn't know it's cause he had just left! Anyways, I get my note from the receptionist and am sent to the next location. This goes on for a few locations, and finally, I arrive at the driving range, where we went on our first date. He was there, sitting on a bench. My (knowing) roommates had dressed me, so I was in a dress, and was a little concerned about being at the driving range. It was rather short and not an ok dress to hit golf balls in. It was to my advantage that Derrick had no intentions of golfing! So after pressuring him to go eat, cause I was hungry, he finally gave in. We stood up, and he handed me my last clue. It read "Turn Around". He was down on one knee and pulled out a ring. He gave a whole speech but I had tunnel vision for that sparkly ring! I don't remember a thing he said! Well, after some tears and such, he blindfolded me. Note to guys: DO NOT BLINDFOLD A NEWLY ENGAGED WOMAN! All I wanted to do was check out my new bling! But I complied, hesitantly. Well, he told me were going to dinner, but he had planned a surprise engagement party with family and friends! It was such a bittersweet day! Couldn't ask for a better enagagement, ring, or guy! I'm one blessed girl!

Am I a little sentimental today? apparently! But I have every reason to be!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


So apparently having a real job does affect my ability to blog. But nevertheless, I will continue to update when I can keep my eyes open! I can't even remember what we did last weekend! I'm sure it was way fun and exciting though, and by way fun and exciting I mean we probably stayed home and enjoyed each other's company. I have still been pretty tired after school, but a friend and I have been going to a new workout class... ZUMBA. I love it! For anyone who does not know what that is, it's like a dance class, but the moves are workout moves. It's awesome.

We did finish painting the cornhole sets last weekend, I guess that's what we did :) They look awesome! I should post a pic but I don't feel like it!

I know something good happened that I was going to blog about it, but my mind is drawing a blank! Oh well!

We had our first small group on Monday night, and it went great. Can't wait to dig in with this group and really learn each other's hearts! It's going to be exciting!

My car has recently been acting funny, which is unusual, so I was getting nervous. Well, I was driving on Wednesday and it just died. In the middle.of.the.road. Luckily no one was directly behind me, but it took me 4 times to get it going again. So we took it to the shop on Wednesday night, where they told me that is a really hard problem to diagnose becuase they typically need it to fail for them. Well, come Thursday they can't get it die. They call me mid-afternoon and tell me and ask to keep it again. We agree and are hoping they can figure it out. So, in the meantime, I am driving Derrick's truck. Now, first of all, I was not happy about this. I was very fortunate I was able to, don't get me wrong, but I hate that truck. I'm just not used to driving it I guess I should say. But thank God I didn't have to walk, which actually isn't an option, but anyways, you get the idea. So on Thursday night, I drive to the gym cause it's raining and the truck is making the most awful sound you have ever heard. It was literally squealing at me. I assumed it was just making the noise inside the car, but that thought quickly vanished as I was driving around the Drill Field and people were turning to see what robot was coming towards them. Talk about putting a bag over your head! I always feel so sorry for those people, but sometimes find myself aggravated cause it's always very loud and annoying, and now, I am one of them. Great :) So, of course, after my workout, there's no getting around driving it back, since it is the only car we currently have. So, here I am, driving back, the looks more annoyed this time, and I finally make it there. Well, I let Derrick know there is a dying animal trapped somewhere in his truck, and make him go look at it. Well, he already figured it was his power-steering cause the hose has a leak. Well, I think that power-steering is a luxury and I'm just going to have to deal with the noise. In my head, I was already scheming my way out of having to drive it the next morning. Well, lucky for me, it is a luxury, but if you have it, it must be maintained. So, Derrick has a friend get said fluid and he fixes it! Yay! So on Friday, the shop calls me and they got my car to die, have the part in stock, and after playing phone tag for a couple hours, my car is fixed. $230 later, but fixed! Praise the Lord! Just so happy they were able to locate the problem. So, now I am driving my wonderful vehicle again, no squealing ones :)

I am also eating meat again. I know, I know. And I must say I am more tired because of it, but I am still doing it. But I do try to keep my mind open to other things.

Lately, I have really begun to see Derrick and my lives meshing together. It so neat to see us really becoming one. I can't really explain it, I guess, but it makes for interesting moments! Maybe it's cause I actually have a life now that I am employed. woo! Which is still going great. I really enjoy it. The 6th graders are definitely interesting, but I feel sorry for them because I HATED middle school. They keep me on my toes, that's for sure.

Quick story to tell: I was talking to one of my 4th graders Friday morning, and he wasn't being cooperative so I said, "tell me a story." He wouldn't comply, and I kept jokingly begging him, and it quickly became a game. Well, I guess he had had enough because after one time of begging he replied, "once upon a time, there was this teacher who wouldn't leave me alone. The end." Gotta love kids! It was pretty funny... I won't lie.

This weekend has been quite eventful so far. I decided I wanted highlights, but wanted to save money and could do them myself. I have done this numerous times in the past, with highlight and coloring, so no big deal. After the many years and only one bad outcome, the odds are against me. or with me. I don't know the right one to say. Anyways, let's just say the only thing that ended up odd was my hair. I was literally.a.blonde! It was bad. So after my sweet husband and helped me pull my hair through the cap, and when I say helped, he did, however, this was his first experience so it took FOREVER! I was getting very impatient but tried to stay quiet. So after the hours it took, I had to let him know there was no way around doing it all again with dark color. So at 1am, we head to Wal-Mart for my hair dye. And of course ended up with some other things, because who doesn't pick up what they need when they are there? regardless of the time. So with my bad dye job on head, I'm prancing around Wal-Mart at 1am. Well, we get home and get started on dye job #2. Thank goodness it came out ok! I had already planned to make a trip to the hair salon. So Derrick was welcomed into the married life officially at 3am this morning when it all ended and we were finally able to go to sleep!

Today we went to Fall Festival at my new school and looked around, came home, ate lunch. Now, Derrick has some friends over, whom have all currently gone to eat wings and watch some football, I took a little nap while they were here for about an hour or so, and I'm sure they will all be back soon for some more football! I don't mind, though. He needs someone to be as interested in the game as he is. We all know that wouldn't be me. Unless you call interested falling asleep, then I definitely enjoy it :)

That's all for now! I'll try to update more through the week! Oh, and I'm taking the MAT on Saturday, the 26th, pray for me! I'll post about grad school stuff later, but it may be in the works!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

No Longer Unemployed

Well, I almost have my first week under my belt! It hasn't been bad. Everyone is so friendly and I am really enjoying myself. It is a lot like student teaching again, except I don't have the work to do when I get home, but I already know I will learn so much, so it's really a blessing! I'll just be extra prepared for, hopefully, next year, when I have my own room! However, it has worn me out! It's just the hours! I leave around 6:45, and by the time I get home, I stay awake as long as I can, eat, and hit the bed before 9:00. But I'm glad to be with the kids again! And no worries, I treated myself to a nice mani and pedi after my first day. Thank you Gold Nails and Spa.

Our Labor Day was wonderful. It was nice to have a long weekend before we would both be working! Derrick has been insisting on building a cornhole set. Well, I had no problems with it, didn't understand why he wanted one, but have at it. That was......until I realized we would be keeping them in our apartment! Ugh! It's not so bad, but he better be finding a good hiding spot for them. Anyways, the past week has been like having a newborn baby in our house. He is so particular and careful about these things. He built them at my parent's house and then came back and started sanding, in the apartment, so he quickly moved it outside, and then we painted the base coat. After our trip to Home Depot. Boy, was that a sight. There's so much learning to do when you get married. Somehow, I thought the paint magically appeared when you needed it. So anyways, now we are onto the details for the painting. Which, Derrick spent 5 LONG hours, creating a stencil for this project. I kid you not. I should have taken pictures of this whole ordeal. It would have been hilarious! He even asked me to paint after my first day of working. The picture of that face might have been terms for a motif, according to Lumpkin County Investigative Unit :) I don't even know if that exists, but it sounds good :) So now I am off to humor him and possibly start painting these masses of wood in my apartment. Oh.... the joys of marriage.

And now there is a large damp spot on our ceiling... this could get interesting.....

Friday, September 4, 2009

Apartment Pics!

So, after we got back from the Honeymoon, I was fortunate enough to be able to do decorate our apartment! I wish I would have done before/after pics, cause some of you have no idea what it was like before :) A true bachelor pad!

Our amazing embroidered sheets- wedding gift!


Entrance to Bedroom/Bathroom





Kitchen/Living Room

Office Room

Our wedding gift from Kelly- HOLMES

Living Room

Living Room

Kitchen Table


Living Room

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Day In The Life

I know, 2 posts in 2 days!! Be happy!

Let me just give you a little glimpse into my daily life. 5:45am workout, came back, cooked eggs and muffins, got ready, prepped for an interview, went to my interview, came home, started on my grocery list, got an offer on my interview, contemplated hard, discussed it with Derrick, mom, dad, previous professors, anyone who would listen :), accepted a job, finished my grocery list, went grocery shopping, bought enough groceries to last us a year, all while forgetting the one thing my husband asked for ;), came home, put it all away, went to Wal-Mart for that one thing, which turned into 10, came home, made a fruit bowl, chatted with Derrick at work, started to get concerned about the fruit/yogurt/cherrios concoction he wants to make when he gets home, and now here I am, blogging amidst my terribly busy day :)

Ok, so that's not the typical day in my life, but I want you to think it is :) Especially the early morning workout!

But yes, I accepted a job in White County today as a Special Education Parapro for 5/6th grade. It is definitely not what I have mentally prepared for over the past 4 years, but it's a job, and I'm still very excited about it and what it may bring! This also means I had to turn down the long-term sub position. It just seemed like the best thing to do right now. It's already so weird not constantly looking for jobs on TeachGeorgia or Craigs List, or all the other places I look for them! But I'm not complaining :) I start next Tuesday :)

So that's all I really wanted to say! Thanks for all your prayers!! I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just Life

Before I start getting into the good stuff, let me make it clear that I talked to my sister numerous times this week. Wouldn't want her freaking again :)

Lately, life has been showing itself to Derrick and I. In the past week, I have had a job interview, been rejected, dealt with the bank for charges we are disputing, been offered a minimum wage daycare position for a few hours everyday (that I turned down), been told my long term sub position would start sooner than expected, paid a lot more for one of my prescriptions than before my insurance changed! (still trying to get around this one :)) and gotten another interview for a position I am not sure is the perfect fit... whew!

Let's see.... I had an interview for a part-time special education position. It went well, but I did not get the job. It's discouraging, but I know it must not be the right one. My SISTER's boyfriend's dad knows a lady who works at a daycare here and I spoke with her about the possibility of a position. Right now, nothing will come of it, but if she gets approved for another Pre-K classroom, we will see. Got a call today about a position that I am cautious of. The interview is tomorrow morning. I am going, but it is definitely something Derrick and I will have to consider. More details soon!

A company online got our debit card number and made a charge. Not a large amount, but had to take care of that!

We also have joined a small group through our church, Browns Bridge. We are really excited! It's great to be a part of a group that is the same stage of life as we are! We met and formed Saturday night and all had dinner last night. We can't wait to see where this leads us!

Got to have lunch with Stephanie, one of my bridesmaids! We had not seen each other since the wedding! Anyways, it was great to just talk "married life" with her! I'm so fortunate I have a few friends who just got married, because I like to be reassured we're normal :) And we are, in case you were wondering :)

Derrick is not holding up his end of the Game Night for working out. I didn't need him anyways! Ugh. So now I have to work out for myself. Gah! But I am, and am going to start doing 5:30 AM workouts with a friend. Now, that's a big deal for me. Those who know me well, know that I go to bed early and sleep as last as possible. I love my sleep and I don't like it to be interrupted! I've already realized that no matter how much I love my husband, and no matter how much I want him to go to work with a full stomach, and no matter how much I really do want to cook for him, getting up at 7:00 to cook him breakfast just isn't going to happen.

Still not eating meat.... it's beginning to cause some problems. I'm having to get very creative in my cooking, but so far, so good! Everything I have cooked, we both like! I still cook meat for Derrick, and I just eat more veggies. I think he's hating it though, cause then I make him eat all the leftover meat for lunch that week to get it out of my fridge! Oh, the joys of our lives :)

Still haven't made it to a sewing class, but I am still just as excited about them! They are getting into some holiday decorations soon and I am pumped! and PJ pants. I love some comfy PJ pants!

How could I forget?! My sweet friend, Carole, came to visit this past week. She was visiting her Papa on the lake and was then making her way to her lake house, and stopped by. It ended up being longer than expected cause the weather was rainy! So, we had lunch, shopped on the square, and just hung out. And of course treated ourselves to the Fudge Factory! I mean, it's where I take everyone. It keeps them coming back to visit me :)

I think that's about all that's going on in our lives right now. Keep reading :) Love you all!