Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lagging Behind

I have contemplated blogging quite often lately, but just never get around to it! I feel like I have been doing a whole lot of nothing, but when I think about it, it has been so busy! Since the last time I blogged, we have moved like 3 times, I have had surgery, finished up grad school for the semester, been to Kentucky, and done tons of shopping for my new classroom, as well as start setting it up! We moved from our old place, into our new one with the help of our wonderful families, however we were not allowed to live there until they got the permits. So we packed up what we needed, stayed in our new place, had to move out of it so they could clean it for the new people, so we moved into another one, and then finally officially arrived in our new one about 2 weeks ago! All while I was recovering from surgery. If you ask me, it was an ideal time because I couldn't lift one box :) jk. I did not like having to sit around and watch, but am thankful for all those who helped! My mom came up and helped me set everything up and get it into place, as well as my mother in law, who helped me clean! And Derrick deserves some attention here, as he was a champ, unloading and putting things where I pointed!

Surgery has been a whirlwind! I stayed at my mom's house a few days right out of the hospital so Derrick wouldn't have to take off work and cater to me. My mom was wonderful and spoiled me! It has still been crazy though. I was so relieved to have it under my belt, but I think I have been focusing too much on the end result of being healed, and did not quite prepare myself for how long that would take. It's only 6 weeks for total recovery, but that is a long time when you can't do anything! And pains meds make me crazy. That's a while different story! Any of the things I would do to distract myself, I am not allowed to! I can't work out, clean, organize, move things around.... nothing! It has been hard! But it is slowly getting better, and I'm almost to the halfway mark.

I ventured to Kentucky with my mom and brother for a few days this week and visited with family and had a good time! Now, I am back home and have big plans for my classroom next week! Pre-planning starts on the 16th for me and I want my room totally ready before that so I can do whatever else they say is necessary! And by the e-mails I am getting, I feel like it might be a lot! I am getting overwhelmed already. Excited, but overwhelmed! I just want the first day to be here and over with so I can be prepared! I'll probably be laughing at that statement in a few months!

Grad school has wrapped up for the summer for both of us and will be coming at us full force again in about 2 weeks! I will be done in December, and I am counting the days already!

I think that is about all for now! I will post pics of the new place soon! and my classroom :)