Monday, March 12, 2012

Telling the News

This past weekend, we spent telling lots of people about the big news! We were able to tell my sister on Thursday when she came over to hang out. If you know my sister, you know she's slightly dramatic. And by slightly, I mean immensely. She has a crazy idea that when you have a kid, your house is full of poop. She thinks when you go to the store that anyone within a 10 person radius will be sprayed with poop. And I'm not exaggerating. We had just been talking about this so I covered a shirt with Hershey's chocolate syrup and put it on my face. She opened the door and we proceeded to get the best video ever. It's on Derrick's phone and he's not here but I'll try to post it at some point. If you ever questioned how dramatic she is, you will no more.

Telling my parents was more complicated. Long story short, we were supposed to tell them Friday afternoon but plans kept changing so we were not able to tell them until Saturday afternoon. We had dinner with some friends on Friday night and were able to tell them that we will be joining both of them in the baby world! Yay!! Saturday morning we went to breakfast with Derrick's parents and told them immediately with a gift we had gotten them. Shock is what hit their faces! Followed by excitement! For my parents, it was the same. And my little brother immediately claimed it would be a "he". Words can't describe telling them. It was so fun!

I was even able to tell 2 of my best friends on Saturday and proceeded to make a phone call to the other 2, in which the conversation consisted of "!" over and over again. We told Derrick's sister Saturday (over the phone since she is out of state) as well and I think she cried! We were also able to inform our small group friends from church. 2 of them are expecting (one in July and one any day now), and the other is the leader, with 3 kids already! We're already baby surrounded!

Sunday, we ran a 1ok and my time is already slowing! It took me almost 10 minutes longer to complete than it did 3 weeks ago. That's gonna be tough! Worth it, but tough! My October marathon plans are over (more than likely), but I'm thinking that a marathon will be a really good chance for me to lose baby weight once the baby is here! We shall see!

At this point, a plethora of emotions constantly fill me. Last night, watching TV, I sat and cried like a baby while Derrick enjoyed laughing at that. Other than that, no major symptoms to report. Let's pray that continues!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sooner than Later

Well... it has certainly been a while. But I don't feel bad in the least about that! I made a New Years Resolution that when I was done with grad school, I would pick this back up. It should be noted that I'm not done with grad school and I'm starting sooner. There is a reason for that.... We're expecting a baby!!

A year ago, I would have said "Not a chance....3 more years..." Well, our hearts changed. We decided to throw caution to the wind and I think we were both shocked that it only took 2 months. I was convinced I was going to have to adopt children. I have a tendency to think the worst... all the time. It's a problem, I know. Anyways, my hope is that I can keep everyone updated with what is going on with this new journey for us, through here! I'll start from the day we found out...
Actually... I'm going to back up a little bit. From the first month we decided we wanted a baby, I obsessed over every little symptom I had. Seriously... it was ridiculous. People don't tell you how hard the waiting and anticipation is. I seriously have a soft spot now for women trying to conceive, and my wait was not even long! So for about a week before we found out, I was having small symptoms that I was not letting myself obsess over and chalking it up to some reason I could find. I really was not going to let myself be disappointed for however long it took us to get pregnant! Derrick had told me I had to wait a couple days before I tested due to the amount of money we poured out on home pregnancy tests last month. Ha... he's funny. I told him I would wait till Tuesday (3/6/12) but I clearly did what I wanted to. I tested on Monday... at about 5:15 in the morning. It quickly showed that I was pregnant. And honestly, my first reaction was OMG. My next reaction was... I won't have to deal with womanly things for 9 months. Looking back on that though, I bet my opinion will completely change! Anyways, I went back to bed and was determined not to tell Derrick anything! I wanted to tell him in a fun way. So for the next hour, I downloaded a pregnancy app and started reading! Yes... I have a problem. I like to be prepared. Deal with it! That day (which is today, I'm writing and not posting till we announce), was a whirlwind of emotions. Crying at the drop of a hat has already been on the list the past week, so I teared up over EVERYTHING. Ridiculous things. I worked all day so my mind was constantly going back and forth over things. I went for a run, and was paranoid the whole time. I never went over 5.5 mph, which I normally run at 6.5 or faster. And I alternated with walking. This baby is already taking over my life! Anyways... I drove past Derrick's truck on the way to the gym and teared up thinking, "I'm about to change his whole world". I wasn't sure if I should say change or ruin... we'll let you know :)

Telling Derrick
I had come up with several silly ways to tell Derrick. Pinterest royally let me down, btw. I decided to get a card and put it on his truck and stalk him till he left work and read it. I teared up looking at cards, scared to death someone would see me and know what was up. Who cries when they're looking at baby cards? Anyways.... I followed through with the plan. Once I put the envelope on his truck, I circled the parking lot a few times looking for "the spot". I didn't just need any spot. I wanted to be in the best creeper-ability spot in the massive lot. Well, I found that spot. Only to have someone sitting in their car directly in front of me. I kept watching for Derrick, and he kept profiling me in case he needed to give a description later. As he was leaving, Derrick was approaching his truck. Creepily, I rolled down my window and only stuck my iPhone out the window to get good shots of his face reading it. The guy seriously probably reported me. Oops. Well, Derrick decided to get in the truck and read the card. So all my creeping was for nothing! I got out of the car and walked up to his truck just in time! He had the biggest grin on his face! He was like a fat kid in a candy shop :) I quickly snapped his pic and then made him read the card again. Then, I ruined the moment by telling him about my creeping abilities :) We went to dinner to celebrate and made our plans for how and when we would tell people.

We still can't really believe it. We're super excited but not sure how to feel at this moment! We're just excited to spread the news!!