Sunday, May 2, 2010

Catching Up

My goodness, it has been quite a while! I've thought about blogging from time to time, but had no motivation. Sleep or food sounded like a much better idea at those times. Life has really been pretty much the same in this household, with a few exciting touches.

Since the last post, Derrick and I have been able to pick out all of the furniture for our new place! It was beyond exciting, for me at least :) We went to Ashley furniture and said, "we want this, that, that over there, this right here...." (you get the point), and finished with, "and bill that NGCSU!" That's right, not paying a penny here! Man oh man! Life is sweet! Too bad that won't ever happen again in our lives! I literally sit and fantasize about all of our new furniture. It's quite pathetic, actually. We will finally have a large sofa! woo! Our little one is not fit for two. And a Queen bed. O.M.G. That, plus the sofa, was enough to please me, but we threw in plenty more, don't ya know! I love Derrick and all, but a Full bed just does not cut it! So, you're all welcome to come visit once we get settled! We'll have lots of room to seat you!

Grad school is over for both Derrick and I. Praise the Lord! That took forever! One semester for me down, 2 to go! Derrick has more than 2, but we celebrate anyways.

We have a beach trip planned with some great friends May 29-June 5. Can not wait! It's always so nice to kick off summer with a good beach trip! Speaking of kicking off summer, only 15 more days with the little ones! And hopefully I will hear something about a job in the next few weeks! I sure hope so! '

I was just looking through one of my scrapbooks and realizing that one year ago, we were being showered with love at all of our awesome showers. If only those continued :) just kidding! We are so grateful for all of that, still. I am also grateful, yet envious, of the super long hair I had then. Summer mission: Get it back! Second summer mission: Divorce Derrick and get re-married to someone else so I can have more showers :) ok ok. only kidding. I'll re-marry Derrick :)

Well, I told you not much was going on! I'll try to be better about this blogging!