Saturday, July 20, 2013

Almost Time

I can't believe it's been mid-May since I have posted! What a whirlwind it has been! In the midst of wrapping up the school year, we found out that Derrick was offered the position of Assistant Director of Residence Life at UNG. We were beyond thrilled! While we have loved our time living on campus, we were getting ready to be able to move into our own real place. We were only interested in renting and we knew we had to move quickly, so we started the house search ASAP! We found a few places but none seemed just right, and through a series of events, found out that a couple we had run the Peachtree with previously needed someone to rent their place. They are good friends of a close friend of ours. It was one of the neighborhoods we were interested in, and the price was right! We had secured a place in about a week. After that, the packing began. We had some beach trips approaching, so we were living out of boxes in between those trips and finally made the official move at the end of June. Within a couple of week, we were all settled! Which brings us to about now! I've started back to work and Derrick is frantically preparing for RA training and Vera's arrival.

As an elementary school teacher, I'm obviously a planner. I always had ideas of the best time to have a baby. With our complications, I found I didn't really care anymore and a baby was more important than the timing. Derrick's work was never really an issue because there's really only one month that would be horrible and the likelihood of that would be slim. Well, that month would be August. And we're due August 2nd. It's seriously the worst timing. But we still couldn't be happier! We'd just love her to make her appearance tonight :)

Moving has also made it hard to tell if I've been nesting or not. Our amazing families helped us paint, clean, and move-in. I seriously made them scrub this place from top to bottom. I think that part may have been the nesting! I finally was able to work on the nursery which was so exciting! We had been putting it off since we knew Derrick would be job-searching and we could possibly be moving. Having that ready made me feel so much more prepared and ready for her arrival! Since then, we've attended numerous classes getting ready for this baby. Actually, just 3, but that's a lot! Most recently, we finished up Childbirth class. I'm the prepared type so I like to know what to expect.... it helps to calm me. Today, we toured the hospital. It didn't calm me. Besides the fact that Vera was trying to bust out of my stomach during the tour, it was a little too real for me! I'm a little more on the nervous side right now! I also want to do this naturally, no pain medications, so I think that makes me more nervous, too! It's going to be an experience, that's fo' sho'!

Overall, we're ready. It's no secret I hate being pregnant. That hasn't really changed. My next update will likely be her arrival story! Let's hope for the best!