Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun

Well, who doesn't have fun at Thanksgiving?! Well, I'm sure plenty of people don't, but, luckily, we could! I went to my parent's house on Tuesday morning, to go wedding dress shopping with Leslie and my mom and William's mom. We had a blast, and she found the dress! Yay! So I stayed the night, and Derrick joined on Wednesday night. Family was in town, and we had fun doing all the cooking! We saw Blindside on Thursday afternoon, and it was wonderful!

On Friday, we had plans to leave the house at 3:30, to get to Wal-Mart for the deals we were after! Well, we overslept, and didn't wake up till a little after 4! We rushed and made it out by 4:30. We got to Wal-Mart, split up, and were on the mad dash for our items! We were both going after different things first, but were on the lookout for all the things we wanted. Well turns out, all the things we wanted were on my side of the store! So here I am, no cart in hand, with a Kitchen Aid mixer, a Blu Ray player, a mini chopper, and still on the lookout for the item I wanted. That's right.... I wish I had a picture to share with you all. Lucky for me, people clearly saw my hands were full, and let me in and out of their cart contraption they had going on. I made it to the opposite side of the store, just in time to get the item I wanted. This item is someone's present, which is why I can't name it! After that, we went to the Buford area, and then ventured to the mall. Bath and Body Works got lots of our business too! But we had a good time! We met Derrick's mom, and shopped till about 5! Count it.... 13 hours of shopping! That may be a record for me. I slept till almost 1 today! And I am so sore! Derrick did better than me! Here are some Thanksgiving pics to enjoy!

And how could I forget?! We finally purchased the flat screen TV we said would be our wedding gift to one another instead f big gifts that day! We went into Best Buy last Sunday to let Derrick look at some video game he wanted and we came out with a 46' TV! Now, because my car is too small for that size TV, my left side passenger door is broken, because we crammed it in. The awesome deal we got on it will be made up for in the Honda bill :) But at least we have a TV!

This year, I am thankful for:
-being able to celebrate our first married Thanksgiving
-Weight Watchers for helping me not gain 10 pounds after Thanksgiving
- My wonderful, expanding family
- The life I have been given and the places it is taking me
- My sister's journey of wedding planning and being a part of it
- My sweet brother's baptism
- The opportunity to celebrate with 2 families
- There are many more!

Here are some Thanksgiving pics to enjoy:

Wedding Dress Shopping!

Having fun!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tis' the Season....

TO GO BROKE! Goodness! No one ever tells you that you have to buy EVERYTHING you need to decorate with your first year being married. But, alas, I did. Hobby Lobby now owns my soul. I spent hours in there trying to find the perfect decorations! It's a hard choice picking out what your tree will look like! My mom always had the ornaments we made. Luckily, we're kid-free, and I want a pretty tree! I'm already slightly stressing out that, when we do have kids, I'm gonna have to hang their "adorable" ornaments. I love kids and I love crafts, but I love a pretty tree! I'm already contemplating having 2 trees, so one can be pretty and one can have their crafts. Derrick and I have also decided to have a tradition of getting an ornament wherever we travel to together. Our first one was an ornament from Jamaica. It was a bride and groom one too, which was perfect! But I can sneak that one on the tree this year!

I have yet to put up the decorations, as I am getting the tree from my parents house today. Tomorrow they will ALL be up! I want it to look like a winter wonderland. I tried to justify all my spending by choosing snowmen, which I love more than any other, telling Derrick, because they are snowmen, they can stay up longer than the month of December. I don't think he's entirely convinced :) He didn't go along on the journey with me. He would have found some garland and hung himself, probably :) I also picked out our stockings, but accidentally told Derrick, in hopes he would deny, that if he didn't like he could pick one out. Well, I should have known he would want to do that! I'm torn, though. I bought the plane, red/white, matching ones, so we can embroider our names. 20 bucks says he is going to want one from Bass Pro Shops. I just know it! I may have to give in on that one... it is Christmas, after all!

I have the whole next week off for Thanksgiving and boy am I excited. I also have a packed week! Tomorrow, I am taking my first sewing class, PJ pants! It ended up being more expensive than I thought. I should have known! But it's paid for, so I'm going. And then to decorate. On Tuesday, we are going wedding dress shopping for my sister! I am way excited. And on Wednesday, I am going to help my mom begin getting desserts ready, and Thursday, wake up early to help cook, and then eat! Due to some unfortunate circumstances, we get to celebrate with families. That's not unfortunate, but we had planned to celebrate in Alabama with Derrick's family. But, at least we get to see both families now!

Now it is time to go wake up sleeping beauty. And no, not me. Not in this house :) It is off to church with my family. My sweet baby brother, who is not such a baby now, is getting baptized today, and I could not be any more proud!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Well, it's been the usual for Derrick and I, except for one small detail.... MY SISTER IS ENGAGED! I obviously love weddings, and everything that goes along with them, so I'm ecstatic. She, however, isn't as into it all. But regardless, she's engaged and we're all very happy and excited! More details as it progresses!

That's really the only exciting thing going on right now for us. Besides the fact that Thanksgiving is very soon and I have the whole week off! I just love this time of the year!