Saturday, November 21, 2015

The First 3 Months

In my last post, I referenced blogging about the first 2 weeks. It's almost 3 months later and that never happened. However, you should definitely know it's not because it sucked! If you remember my post on the first two weeks with Vera, then you can imagine my excitement :) I kept waiting for it to become terrible. By the end of the first week, when I still felt like things were going fine, I got even more nervous about what was to come. Honestly, I'm still holding my breath. I keep thinking that maybe it will be terrible when Dean starts fighting sleep more. And it probably will. But I'm also coming to realize that while I'm still a crazy schedule freak, and BabyWise is my crack, I have to let a lot of things just go with the flow.This article summed up my thoughts so well thus far!

It should also be noted that I did placenta encapsulation this pregnancy and it was a game changer. I definitely still had my down moments and I didn't feel like myself and I still had that moment of relief about feeling normal about a month- 6 weeks post partum, but those pills kept me sane. Even Derrick would notice if I didn't take one and would kindly remind me that I might want to :) You know when your husband picks up on it that it's working :) But for real, you can roll your eyes, but I'll never have a baby again without those. I still have lots left too and use them when I'm feeling a little cray :)

The biggest challenge has and seems to always be Vera :) She ADORED Dean and while I did kind of expect that, there was no real way to prepare. It was really hard for Derrick and I to sort through that. We didn't know how to discipline the new behaviors we were seeing. They weren't even negative, but they needed correcting and it took us a while to find a groove. She constantly wanted to hold him or feed him or touch his eyes and his mouth or sit in the baby swing with him or lay beside him on his playmat... you get the picture. All absolutely precious moments but I she didn't understand her strength. So if you're expecting and you have a little one at home who doesn't' immediately obey yet, talk through those things with your significant other. Figure out how you will handle things and be consistent  from the beginning. We stumbled around with for so long that it was hard to correct once we figured out how we wanted to handle things. That has died down some. She still wants to do all of those things, and we let her, but now she understands she can't always. And I also let him sleep away from the crazy :)

The biggest difference is our busy level. I'm absolutely convinced that babies are easy (after having my second and although he seems more laid back, he still doesn't compare to terrible twos :)) but I also feel like we have reached a new level of busy. The weekdays just feel crazy. We are constantly going between full time jobs, preschool, and feeding schedules. It's not necessarily bad, but important to note for all of my expectant momma friends.

Don't get me wrong though.....I still find myself twitching when Dean won't sleep as long as he's supposed to (and that's from the time I put him down to the next feeding) or that he still wakes up at 3am (ish) just to be comforted, or that sometimes I still hold him for a nap (cause there's nothing better than baby cuddles), but I know all of those are phases. And sometimes, I twitch over that fact... that I'm not super stressed by it. But in the end, I'm enjoying this time around so much more and that's priceless to me!

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